El Otro Beso


Christina and Mark have been dancing tango for 19 years and teaching tango for 12. Their passion for the dance has taken them over the US and Argentina to study with many of the world’s best including Murat Erdemsel, Fabian Salas, Tete Rusconi, Pablo Veron, Sharna Fabiano, Pupi Castello, Rebecca Schulman, Anne Sophie Ville, Pablo Fontana, Pablo Pugliese, Florencia Taccetti, Brigitta Winkler, Robin Thomas, Mario Castro, Mario Consiglieri, Mario Camillis, Carlos Copello, Carlos and Tova Moreno, Sol Orozco, Juan Cantone, Isidoro and Viviana Levin, Homer Ladas, James Friedgen and many many more.

Their instruction explores possibilities and technique for graceful movement while maintaining connection between partners and the music to create playfully interactive dance.

Photo Adrienne Yvr

Mark Longerbeam

Christina Simpson

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